got-motivationWhen it comes to writing – whether for academics or for fun – there is always the issue of motivation. Even for this post, I found myself getting quickly distracted and procrastinated on writing it until the last possible moment.

Why is that?

Ultimately, it’s result of being burned out from all of my school work. Being an English major is not an easy thing to accomplish and it comes with an unstoppable onslaught of reading and writing to balance with life. Why write or read for fun, when you have a pile of responsibilities to take care of?

That’s where motivation comes in. It’s this feisty little thing that does not like to cooperate when you want it to. But that’s where you have to take control. You know yourself better than anyone else, so the only way to get things done and to find motivation is to know yourself. That’s been something that I’ve been struggling with all year now, but if you try to do anything without motivation, you might as well give up before you even start doing it. (Why, hello, pessimistic side.)

Finding motivation is no easy task. I think anyone and everyone can agree to that.

For me, it usually comes down to a reward system. If I get X, Y, and Z done, then I can do Q for this long.

Another thing that helps to keep me motivated is by being organized. I’ve murdered many trees lately, which is due to the amount of Post-It Notes I go through in a week. Literally, the amount I go through is ridiculous, but those little slips of paper get the job done. Being able to visually see what needs to get done is helpful, but crossing things off the list? That is simply satisfying.

The other thing, that I always use, is Spotify. I love using their “Deep Focus” or acoustic playlists. Having soothing music in the background helps me to stay relaxed and focused on the tasks at hand. Or, I put on one of my playlists or radio stations. Having music can help to tune out other verbal distractions around you and help you zero in on what it is that you’re doing.

However, there is no denying this other issue: Distraction.

I cannotMy issue is that I get distracted way too easily by everything else. The internet? My phone? A good book? I will always use one of those things when I really should be working on something else. Two minutes of writing – maybe – a sentence, ten minutes spent on my phone. (Even now, that’s happening. Sad, right?) Learning how to control myself and finding creative ways to avoid losing motivation definitely factors in their own sets of issues…


Here’s some irony for your day – I totally just lost my train of thought and any effort to try to come up with more to say.

I guess it’s up to you to decide whether it’s me being a lazy and tired college student, or me losing my motivation! (*evil laughter*)

See you next time!

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