Where I Watch My TV and Movies

If there’s anything that Americans can be labeled as, it’s definitely couch potatoes. Now with my college schedule I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and straight up watch a tv show when it’s premiering, so I’m left to waiting for it to be put up online sometime during the next day or so. When home, I do have DVR, but all my scheduled show recordings were shut off since I wasn’t around (thanks family!). So that left me with the question: How am I going to watch my tv shows?

The answer came in two different forms: my cable provider’s website and Hulu.

Cable Company: 3/5 Stars

Being away at college, it’s hard to keep track of everything going on at one time. (Exhibit A: right now, I’ve been interested in cultures around the world, so I’ve been watching more international tv shows, which greatly distracts me from keeping up on my own shows.) My cable website was great for keeping up on shows that you can’t find readily on Hulu, like the new season of Doctor Who, but it wasn’t able to help me keep track of my shows the way I needed to. (Also, I didn’t want to add more to my already out of control sticky note lists of stuff.) Plus, the log in was always very finicky and wouldn’t let me half the time. This is why I was lead to using Hulu.


Hulu: 4/5 Stars

Now, I don’t have the fancy plan that makes the shows commercial free, but I am still paying to use the service. That sucks sometimes, considering that I’m in college and throwing $7.99 a month at a luxury service, but I do share it with my roommate, which makes me feel better about using the website. Sure, have the 90 second commercial breaks get to be a little annoying at times, but I love having the favorite and queue system revved up for my use.

For those who don’t know how Hulu works, the favorite and queue system is a genius idea. Basically, you favorite a show that you’re watching or love and can change the settings so the show will automatically be added to your queue whenever there is a new episode. Otherwise, you can go into each show and manually punch shows into your queue. Either way, there is a prepped list of shows already there for you and you don’t have to go scrambling around to a million different websites to watch your shows. But you do have to pay attention to episode expiration dates, because they won’t always be there forever.

(I’m sure some of you are thinking: Why didn’t she just use the cable sign in to watch her shows on the channel websites? At the time that I bought Hulu, the channel websites didn’t have a contract with my family’s cable provider, so I was left to my own devices of finding an alternate – legal -method.)


Netflix: 4/5 Stars

Yes, yes, I also have Netflix, but this one I don’t pay for. As all good daughters do, I leech off of what my parents have provided for me. In high school I absolutely loved Netflix. I was constantly watching it in my free time, and it was the #1 place to go to for the shows I was interested in watching at the time. Now that I have Hulu, I find myself wandering onto Netflix less and less (mainly because the shows I’m waiting for it to upload are the ones that are already ready on Hulu). I just find that I am more interested in watching tv shows versus movies, so Netflix doesn’t have as good of a selection in that aspect. However, I know that once summer comes around I’ll probably find myself on there more often, because it’s definitely better to binge watch on there verses on Hulu.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Video: 2/5 Stars

Let’s be honest- who even uses this service? I have it currently because I have Amazon Prime (the whole prime student deal was awesome, but I really only use it for the two day shipping deal), but never actually use it. Especially since it’s been giving me a stink about how my computer is only able to host SD movies, when it’s HD compatible. It’s just not as easy or nice to use as some other platforms are, which is why I don’t use it (and amazon makes sure that I know that I’m not using it. Hello, annoying emails.)

So that about sums up where I watch my tv! Are there any platforms where you prefer watching your shows?


“On Friday night, I was reading my new book, but my brain got tired, so I decided to watch some television instead.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower


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