My Thoughts on Reading Slumps

Hey guys!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m having a really tough time coming up with blog posts. My reading slump has come back with a force, my job took away a lot of my free time to play video games or watch tv shows, and now I’m preparing to return to school for the year.

So, today, I am going to write about my personal thoughts on reading slumps!

(Make sure to check out my friend Michaela’s post on reading slumps – it’s helpful and fun!) 


I’m not going to lie, my reading slump sucks and it won’t go away. It’s like a virus – it comes around and drains away my motivation to read, and then will die out just long enough for me to read a book, just to return for a good week or two and take away all of my motivation all over again. And it won’t leave my system, either.

Ever since the beginning of my Senior year of high school two years ago, I noticed a drastic change in my reading habits, which quickly evolved into a reading slump. The first factor into this virus happening is a result of the critical analysis/writing classes I have taken. These classes have shaped me into a reader that needs more dimensionality to her books (theme, symbols, etc.) and that is not easily found or wildly used in young adult fiction.

The frustration that I am feeling is another factor. I used to be able to read anywhere from two to five books a week and read 100 pages an hour. Now? That’t not so much the case. I’m lucky if I’m even able to read a book in a week and 60 pages in a hour. Which is really frustrating for my inner bookworm, because I used to read so much and be able to devour books, and now that’s not the case.

My last factor is the fact that I have a huge and intimidating to be read pile. I have this really bad addiction to buying a ton of books, and then letting them sit there for who knows how long before coming around to read them. I have about 29 books sitting on my pile right now and it’s going to be a while before I’m able to get through them. (I was hoping to get through all of these books by the end of summer, but that failed.)

However, there are also very few things that can get me to emerge from my slump. Watching booktubers talk about book hauls or their own reading slumps, or a sudden push of my own motivation to read usually gets me to read at least one book. I was even at Barnes and Noble the other day and I bought The Wrath and the Dawn duology because I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it! That spurred another desire to read, but time.

Time is now the issue.

Honestly, when it comes to this reading slump, I simply cannot win. The books either are being criticized too much as I read, or I’m getting frustrated with myself, or I’m unmotivated to read, or I have no time to read.

There isn’t any chance of winning this battle, is there?



2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Reading Slumps

  1. gracecrandallauthor says:

    Generally speaking, a reading slump is a cue for me to start writing–and writer’s block a cue to start reading, for that matter. Neither are very fun, but I’ve never had much luck simply pushing through the lack of motivation; it helps to stop for a bit, focus on other interests, and let myself recharge for a bit.

    Such is my experience, anyway, and I hope that helps. Hopefully your slump ends soon! They’re such dastardly nuisances 😦


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