5.14.17 Welcome Back!

Hey guys!

Long time, no read! (Okay, okay, I’m sorry for that one, but I had to. I just had to.)

My semester has finally ended and summer break has begun, which is something that I need desperately. I’m looking forward to having the chance to make some progress on my to-be-read pile (38 books, last time I checked). I also can’t wait to get some more blogs on this website – I’ve missed having the chance to write them! While I am going to have to learn to balance two jobs with reading, writing, and gaming, I’m looking forward to the challenge and cannot wait to have a rewarding summer break.

Otherwise, I have a few housekeeping announcements for all of you!

Michaela (Bookish Reviews and More) and I are planning on doing a monthly reading challenge during our break! It’s a basic challenge, and I’ll try to notify you all when they are occurring, in case you want to join in. For one week each month (Monday-Sunday during May, June, July, and August), we are challenging each other to read 5 books in a week. For ourselves, we chose to read one duology/trilogy/series (mainly because we have many of those that we want to marathon), one contemporary, and one other book. Feel free to create your own combination and join in!

Also, I was meandering through my blog the other week and have noticed the imbalanced post types that I have on here. My goal is to try to try to add more posts to the other categories as well this summer, so if you have any content that you would like to see, please comment below or contact me!

I think that wraps up this announcement. I’m excited to add more to my website and I can’t wait to interact with more of you!

See you on the other side of the screen,


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