Summer 2017 Reading Challenge!

Hey guys!

Today I come to you with a fun blog. Michaela (Bookish Reviews and More) and I are hosting a summer reading challenge! We didn’t create anything fancy, but are undergoing this reading challenge in the name of lessening the weight of our to-be-read piles on our bookshelves. (Please tell me we aren’t alone in needing to do this.)

For this reading challenge, we want to read five books in one week (from Monday-Sunday). We kept the requirements basic for each week of the summer months! The challenge is this: to read one duology/triology/series, one contemporary, and one other book to fill up the five books for the week.

Also, we chose four different weeks across the months of May, June, July, and August, in which to go after this challenge! The weeks that we are doing are:

May 22nd-28th
June 12th-18th
July 24th-30th
August 14th-20th

We hope that some of you can join in as well. If you would like to join, feel free to leave a comment below or tweet at us!

Happy reading,


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