May Reading Challenge! (May 22nd-28th)

Hey guys!

Today I come to you with the exciting news that I successfully finished the May portion of my reading challenge with Micheala (Bookish Reviews and More). From May 22nd through May 28th, Michaela and two other friends of ours challenged ourselves to read five books in a week.

I haven’t read so many books in a week since my sophomore year of high school, and, I have to say, it was refreshing to get this feeling again. I was excited to see the numbers on my Goodreads and physical bookshelf shrinking as I worked my way through books that have been sitting on my shelf for longer than I care to admit.

However, this challenge did not come without its downsides. Because I wasn’t used to reading so much in such a short timespan, I got intimately reacquainted with headaches (nothing that some ibuprofen and sleep couldn’t take care of!) and wrist/hand pain. But, these pains made the entire affair even more fun. I enjoyed watching the pages slip past my fingers as my reading speed increased with each book that passed.

In the end, I was successful in reading all five books that I had planned for myself! I read the entirety of:

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
The Internment Chronicles by Lauren DeStefano
I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

While I’ll admit to some of the books being on the shorter end of the page spectrum, it still felt good to finally move these novels to my read pile and get them off my huge stack of to-be-read books.

Now for the hard question: What do I read next?


We still have three more weeks planned to continue on with this reading challenge. The weeks that remain are:

June 12th-18th
July 24th-30th
August 14th-20th

For more information on the nature of our challenge, please check out my post titled Summer Reading Challenge! We hope that more of you will be able to join us in the future!

See you next time,


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