Summer Reading Challenge: August!

Hey guys!

As many of you know, Michaela (Bookish Reviews and More) and I are hosting a summer reading challenge to help take the edge off of our to-be-read piles! Previously we did a reading challenge from the weeks of May 22nd-28th, June 12th-18th, and July 24th-30th. (Although, due to starting a new job, I was unable to participate in the July reading challenge, which is why I did not make a post about it.)

But, tomorrow is the beginning of our fourth reading challenge, which will run from August 14th-20th.

For this reading challenge, we want to read five books in one week (from Monday-Sunday). We kept the requirements basic for each week of the summer months! The challenge is this: to read one duology/triology/series, one contemporary, and one other book to fill up the five books for the week.

With this round of the challenge, I did have books specific to our qualifications, but I have the feeling that I won’t end up using them. Currently, I am in a horrible reading slump and none of the books on my shelf are appealing to me at the moment. So, instead, I’ve been reading a lot of manga and manhwa’s lately to pass the time! I’m working on reading the 24 volumes of The Bride of the Water God and I am planning on purchasing the rest of the volumes of Deathnote as well! So, essentially, this week is going to be full of manga!

I hope you can join us in our last summer reading challenge!

See you next time,


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